Universe Express


Universe Express

Board game design
Exploring system setting, Story telling with Graphic & making it fun!

Academic, Group Work
Tongji University
Oct - Nov, 2015 | 4 Weeks

Welcome to year 2333, Universe Express Business. The competition between different companies is getting so fierce that there are always wars between delivering fleets. Your goal is to deliver more cargoes than your competitors.
As a sailor, you can choose to follow your captain’s step, be honest & reliable; or to be a spy, stealing cargoes from your enemy.
As A Captain You have to make the right decision of cargo distribution and distinguish teammate from enemy to protect your fleet.
Be Brave, Be Smart & Do Be Lucky



Meet The Design Team

The team is made up of 6 second-year Industrial Design students -
Shitao Tang, Dingding Zhang, August Zheng, Simple Lu, Raven Zheng & me.
It was probably one of the best teams I have ever worked in.  There was not a clear boundary of personal duty. However, everyone in the team was in the same page, devoted 100% to the project & always ready to support others' work.  We all feel super proud of this piece of work!



Research -  What Makes A Good Board Game?



Set it up - Graphic & Logic Design



Modeling - Get Ready For The Fun



User Testing - Let's Have Some Fun



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