100 Ways Of Opening Doors

Challenging social Norms

To me, it is important to keep my passion for design. Playing with the possibilities & challenging social norms are the best ways for me to remain passionate. So I launched a side project #100waysofopeningdoor within UID, trying to find 100 ways opening doors in UID. The project is still on the going. Contact me if you want detailed information.





And It Moves... 

Motion Graphics design

Growing up watching too much animations, I can always get a lot of fun making things move. Here are some examples of my tiny Motion Graphics.Here are some examples of my motion works. They were done for articles from, where I interned for 6 months. you can find those really interesting articles at  Happy Moving :)





A Photo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Photo diary challenge

I started the challenge of talking a photo a day for 100 days when I first started my master in Umeå. I gave it up so fast - "I am tired." "Nothing happened today." "It's too dark in Umea"... In short, I was Lazy.
I felt so bad about myself being a quitter and that's why I am restarting this project again. Watching the number of the photos growing gives me huge sense of achievement - Doing Something Small Every Day and Eventually It Will Become Something Big!  
I will make a decision of whether or not keep going on day 100. Good luck to me :)



I Kill My Design, My Design Kills Me

Video & Poster Design

Who are you? What is your design approach? Can you introduce yourself & your design approach to your new school mates?
It was my first assignment within UID, just to let all the school mates know each other better. However, I feel that it is a good way to introduce myself.



Sound Design For Benz f051

Recording, Remixing & Playing

A 2-day project done with Lu Zheng.
We first analysis the details of the video by dividing the video in different senses and fit each sense into a "Sound Board".
We tried to record sounds around us & twisted them in Audacity & Audition to make it sounds more future & high-tech. We also played with Massive to learn about the basic music composing & remixing knowledge.



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