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Hi! I'm Zhi

I am an interaction designer, a slow swimmer, a self-taught chef & a really bad rapper.

I am now working on my thesis for MFA of Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design. My thesis topic is about Music and Machine Learning - it’s super cool!

To me, the highlight moment of my design approach is when I am proved to be wrong, by research, prototypes, testing & etc. I really enjoy the feeling of one step closer to the truth by making mistakes earlier, reflecting upon them and not making the same mistake again.

Welcome to my home and feel free to hang around.



Ideal You

Fluid Assemblages
Nov - Dec, 2018 | 6 Weeks

How might we enable users to have control over how digital services interpret their actions and show them content based on that?



Design for Death
Core77 2017 Runner Up
2017 | 2 Weeks

Preparing ourselves for our own death & the death of our loved ones



Desing for Professional
2016 | 10 Weeks

Improving the work satisfaction & efficiency of forestry operators by interaction design


Less Human

Speculative Design
2017 | 5 Weeks

A future world where all of the public transportation system becomes fully autonomous


Universe Express

Board Game Design
2015 | 4 Weeks

Board game design of an adventure in the universe
Exploring system setting & story telling